adam and eve on the moonAdam and Eve on the Moon

Adam and Eve represents two human beings, since human have started living on earth, they have been destroying each other weather in shape of groups or individual, but now they have started manipulating nature. artist is making a statement after destroying earth now mankind have moved to moon, the convex mirror reflects the viewer image, which questions a viewer are you also a part in destroying nature.

Age of Pixelating God

(2014) Oil on Canvas and Digital print Size 4’x4′

Age of Pixelating God - Artwork by Shahkar Shah


Back to Square One

Back to Square One - Artwork by Shahkar Shah

“Back to square One” is deeply relates with human history when one society feels that they are stronger then others, they start behaving worse then animal and try to take control over other societies, while knowing the history of Nimrod, Egyptians, Romans, Ottomans and many others, when dominating societies start thinking that they have learned all from the past dynasties mistakes and now no one can stop them. in every era human have felt that this generation is more knowledgeable then the past one, and they can take control of other societies. The sad part is amongst all the past wars this would be extremely dangerous war, in the early wars, people fought face to face so a bit feeling were involved, but this time the mizzle button clicker wounded feel weather a mother is giving milk to her child, or new born has starting smelling the air, children are going to school or son is taking his father to a hospital. Many children will become orphan, many woman will become widows, many widows will become prostitutes and the tree will start again, the children would be used as cannibal killers, and will be trained as heart eaters, many experiments would be done how to make a human child as a killing machine, but the button clicker will follow the order, he would only think of his child and wife, because he would be getting paid for that. Human are too busy to create inhuman element then human helping things, because we are paid more for negative things then positive things, three kg exercises weight would cost $20, and three kg kalashnikov gun is for $1000, both are made of iron. Human become inhuman when human become selfish.

For complete collection of Shahkar Shah’s Artwork, feel free to visit the official site Shahkar Art



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